Through The Eyes of Others


A person's value is best left to others to comment about. Below are the comments from co-workers, clients and people I whom I have had the privilage to know and work with on projects over the years. I hope you find their observations helpful and enlightening.              -- Steve Cole

I was fortunate to have met Steve Cole only a month after starting eTool Developers. He has become a mentor of mine and taught me so much about the performance automotive aftermarket.

Together, Steve Cole and my team have worked on many projects together. He is one of the reasons I fell in love with this industry.

Steve is, first and foremost, one of the most honest people I have ever met and he does what he says he’s going to do. I feel few know this industry better. His writing and marketing skills are exemplary, with the ability to take very complex information and boil it down so the reader understands what they need to know in order to use, sell or buy a product.

If you’re considering someone to work on one of your marketing projects, I recommend Steve and his WRITEWords company without hesitation.


eTool Developers, LLC
Grand Haven, Michigan

For more than two decades I have known and worked with Steve Cole. He is a consummate writer, superb strategist and all-around fine fellow. I have used Steve as a freelance writer on several occasions and have been delighted with his work and dedication. I would recommend Steve for any assignment particularly in any area of the automotive market.


Huntington Beach, California

I have been working with Steve Cole for some time now, and I can tell you, at least as far as the automotive performance realm is concerned, you will not find a more knowledgeable person nor a better wordsmith to set forth the story you would like to tell.

A true professional in every aspect, meticulously prepared, and with a unique perspective. Mr. Cole has helped on several of our projects and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in his services. Articulate, professional, prepared, knowledgeable, and beyond reproach are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe Steve and his talents.


Booth-Arons Racing Enterprises,Inc.; Nutz & Boltz, Inc.; Light Speed Enterprises, Inc.
Berkley, Michigan

I’ve known Steve through the automotive aftermarket for more than 10 years, and he has always been the consummate professional with a firm understanding of the industry, and a wide professional network. 

He’s also a phenomenal writer with the ability to make sense of disorganized and dry raw materials, delivering a finished product that is fresh and interesting to read.


Director Communications,
Crowl, Montgomery & Clark
North Canton, Ohio

I have known Steve Cole for some thirty-plus years, covering my career in motorsports, as a Manufacturer’s Rep and as Speed Shop owner. Steve has been involved in these areas, and I have found he has the unique ability to find the needed communication links for each. In racing, Steve could see the voids needed to increase attendance and provide the insight to help the promoters to reach the fans.

During my twenty five years as a Rep, Steve was the best link I had with the factories I represented…I could always rely on his talents to get me the sales tools I needed to achieve the goals the factories needed – sales programs, press releases and other information. It seemed that product information and releases the job was always awarded to Steve.

Now that I am again in the Speed Shop business, I still count on Steve for his expertise in product information, insight into the future with new thinking and real answers to real problems.

As a friend, he has always been there to assist me with his skills in writing my message in the words that will be read and has helped me to reach into market areas I would have never considered.

I would recommend Steve to anyone who is seeking the professional touch in communicating with their customers.


Bad Ass Diecast, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

I have known Steve Cole for many years as a business acquaintance. Based on his expertise, even though he worked for other companies, Steve was one the select people I called for outside advice. He was always willing to help and provided excellent suggestions.

Since he started his company, WRITEWords, I have utilized his services to complete a three part training session for the Performance Warehouse Association’s “PWA University” program, designed for a sales and tech staff to learn about our company and products. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. The lessons have been well received and have provided a great training tool for our dealers and sales reps.


Sales & Marketing Manager
Thermo Tec, Inc.
Greenwich, Ohio

I have known Steve for over thirty years having met and worked with him the first time while employed by Petersen Publishing Company as an Advertising Executive and later as the Publisher of several magazines including Car Craft, Circle Track and Hot Rod.

During this time I had the pleasure of working with a great many people and companies from small, one-person shops to some of the largest conglomerates in the country and I can honestly say that Steve will always rank among the very top people on this list. One of the truly items that has earned Steve this place is the fact that he never tried to oversell his clients to me to gain editorial exposure but instead we worked together to develop ideals and programs that earned his clients editorial space. Steve’s work ethics are among the best in the industry and just as important, he has developed some of the best ideals and working documents found within the industry. 

While we sometimes did not agree on how a program should work or what benefits it would offer the reader and client Steve was always open to continue refining the program until it would work for everyone involved and we could make it happen without worrying if it was a good program.

Another area I have always admired Steve’s involvement in is his willingness to volunteer his time for various projects that will benefit the industry and various segments of our sport. I have no idea how many hours of his time Steve has donated to these projects but I do know they add up to a lot.

Lastly but just as important as the business side of our relationship, I have always found Steve to be a true friend who is there with his support in time of need. We all know a lot of people, some of whom we know we can count on when times are rough and some we know will disappear at such times but I don’t know anyone who will not tell you that Steve is the one who will always be there.


Executive Vice President, Zircon Corporation
Former Publisher - Hot Rod, Car Craft
Los Angeles, California

Steve has worked for some well known companies in the performance automotive aftermarket over the years, and no matter where he landed he jumped in with both feet and got right to business of doing what he does best—promoting their products.

Always eager to discuss new ideas, Steve and I have worked on several magazine project cars, product installs, and dozens of new product placements over the years and always came through when I was on the other end of the phone needing something last minute, be it a product photo, or an item shipped over night to a shop we were working with. Steve is truly asset to our industry.


Modified Mustangs & Fords
Tampa, Florida

There is no one word to describe Steve, from tractor puller to wordsmith, writer, editor, publisher, marketer and so much more, it is for those that know him the amount of energy and profound enthusiasm he puts into all of his work whether challenging or simple.

Steve’s attention to detail and making sure all the T’s & I’s are crossed and dotted is beyond what one would expect, as a matter of fact, you can always expect more then you thought you would get, he goes over & above as well as beyond your scope of expectations. His enthusiasm is contagious and to watch him write and speak so passionately about what he believes in is a sight to be seen and shared.

I so enjoy all the time we spend together, I am forever learning and soaking up his energy and knowledge. I am a better person to have and be able to work with him and call him friend.

As I’m sure Steve would not admit, he has many gifts, far more then he realizes and to me they are marvelous in my eyes.


Quarter Mile Entertainment Foundation
Parma Heights, Ohio

It’s been my pleasure (and one that I hope continues) to work with Steve Cole. We’ve working together for a few years, actually a few more than we care to own up to.

I’ve edited his writing work, printed his press releases and sought his guidance in my own projects, all the while knowing I was getting his best.


Editor, Mustang Enthusiast
Amos Automotive Press
Tampa, Florida

The automotive community holds an advantage few other industries can match: business associates become friends instantly because of our shared common interest of a love of cars.

Team Killeen, having been in the industry for over 25 years, knows this better than almost anyone. One of the best examples is our association with Steve Cole.

We became familiar with Steve while we worked at Petersen Publishing Company (Motor Trend, Hot Rod, etc.) and he edited Specialty & Custom Dealer. Later, when we embarked upon the Team Killeen “Build Book” program, we worked with Steve first at Barry Grant, and later at Flaming River. Steve was always the first to return our calls, to give us products and information quickly to meet our deadlines, and to just chat about cars and the industry.

He loves this business, and loves helping companies make the most of their assets to increase their productivity and at the same time be cost effective. WRITEWords, with Steve Cole at the helm, is an asset to the automotive industry.


Team Killeen
Thousand Oaks, California

Steve Cole understands the racing industry from the inside out. I’ve worked with Steve in his various public relations positions for a lot of years, and he has always treated racing editors with the utmost respect for the tasks we have of keeping readers interested and informed.

He is one of those people in media relations who is a true ‘editor’s ally.’ Steve has also written articles for Performance Racing Industry in the past, for which we have been very appreciative. Steve know his stuff, and he’s a straight shooter.


Performance Racing Industry
Laguna Beach, California

Steve Cole is knowledgeable, connected and savvy. Now, you combine those assets with a monumental work ethic and you’ve really got something! I have known Steve for just more than 3 decades and he’s always been busy and productive. His chosen field is the automotive aftermarket and he has been successful within its uncommon – and sometimes uncharted - niches. He is well regarded among his industry peers.

Steve is that kind of invaluable person who - when presented with a new situation - hears the instructions, collects the facts and starts getting results. He gets things GOING!

I value his forthright counsel and balanced approach. My own career has been made more fruitful from his willingness to share experiences and provide wizened input.

My firm conviction is – that provided the appropriate opportunity and the basic tools with which to succeed thereat – his innate creativity and resourcefulness will prove to be that of a most valued team member on the road to success. That’s been his record to this point. Appropriate words; effectively laid out in a highly readable, engaging and entertaining fashion, plus the knowledge of where and how to place them. And the “street sense” to assure they appear where and when they should.

He is wordsmith, PR guy, muse - a seasoned producer in those fields often best negotiated with a minesweeper. He’ll have your back when you need it most or lead the charge if that’s the assignment. My kinda guy!


Southwest Valuations
Oro Valley, Arizona

During my seven years as Tech Editor at HOT ROD Magazine, Steve Cole was an outstanding resource for story materials and technical information regarding carburetors and induction systems. His work at Barry Grant was top notch and I recommend Steve in all automotive capacities.


DIY Network/Freelance journalist
Los Angeles, California

During my twenty-five years of friendship with Steve Cole, I have enjoyed both working with him and observing his career growth in the specialty automotive aftermarket parts industry. 

The editorial skills he honed during his tenure as Editor of “Specialty & Custom Dealer” magazine have been applied to subsequent opportunities directing the communications needs of some of the industry’s notable parts companies.  In addition, during the 1990s, he formed “In Motion Communications” to provide marketing communications and editorial materials for major trade and racing publications.  He has returned to the market to again provide his talents to the performance aftermarket.

This extensive background has enabled Steve to develop a special set of qualifications and level of experience that identify him as a “go-to” person for information and assistance regarding marketing and communications issues in the specialty automotive parts industry.


Member, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), engineering & marketing consultant, former editor/publisher of HOT ROD, former Vice President at Edlebrock Corp., Marketing or Engineering Director for several leading aftermarket companies
Provider of technical editorial content for leading drag racing and circle track publications, technical consultant to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
Lakeland, Tennessee

Steve Cole has provided highly professional consultant services to PRW. Every department manager has expressed appreciation; finding his expertise to be very supportive and valuable in the preparation of various educational and promotional presentation materials.

 In particular, I have witnessed his devotion to the PWA University program and would like to commend him on its success in regards to PRW. His organizational skills and coordination expertise are very apparent, based on the positive results we have seen.

 As a consultant to PRW, he met each challenge with dedication and diligence. On behalf of each of the PRW marketing team members, we wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for his support and assistance.


PRW Industries, Inc.
Placentia, California

Though I’ve been in the enthusiast magazine business for more than 40 years, my association with Steve is a somewhat young one.  I met him during my tenure as editor of Hot Rod, when he was first at Holley, then at Barry Grant. Being of the same age group (read near-geezer) and of similar life-philosophy, we discovered that we had much in common and much to discuss, often at length but never over cocktails.

It has been my observation over the years, to write well it is imperative to listen well. Therein lays the key to the solution if there is to be one. That fits Steve like a glove. Steve’s a people person not a huckster, not a salesman in the historic sense. He asks the pertinent questions, listens carefully to the answers, and then sets out to communicate. His network of contemporaries within the media, racing and the performance aftermarket is solid, and he is appreciated by those people.

In short, Steve is a respected colleague and a friend that I have been known to share some long and meaningful conversations about the state of the motorsports world, the aftermarket and the universe in general. He’s a real good guy to have on your side.   


Indpendent Editorial Provider
New Port Richey, Florida

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Cole for several years.   I have been consistently impressed by both Steve's attitude towards his work and his performance. 

His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships across various segments of the industry providing Steve an extremely broad knowledge and experience base. 

Steve possesses honed listening and interviewing skills necessary to extract information from a client in order to accurately embrace and convey their story....simply put, allowing Steve to use the WRITEWords.


Bed Wood & Parts LLC
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

I consider Steve Cole to be one of the automotive aftermarket industry’s key people.  One look at his resume and accomplishments speaks volumes about Steve’s abilities and work ethic.

I had the personal pleasure and privilege to work for and with Steve at various trade shows when he was at Flaming River.  I have always regarded him as a real car guy whose hard work and perseverance reflected his passion for the industry and what he loves to do.

There are a lot of newbies in the arena now, but Steve is one of the real people who is deeply rooted in the car industry.  He also has a reputation for unquestionable loyalty and dedication. 


The Original Shadetree Mechanic
Douglasville, Georgia

Steve and I had great fun creating ads together during our years together at Barry Grant, Inc. – one of my favorites was a small ad for the hot rod market using a colorful illustration from George Trosley.  Steve's ad copy was clever, succinct and memorable.

 He is able to move between “to the point” ad copy to complex technical material with ease, making very useful sales and marketing collateral materials.


Moore Good Ink
Dawsonville, Georgia

Steve Cole has been both very helpful in taking me from being a “technical specialist” and making me into a freelance tech writer. Steve listened to what I had to say, then asked very good questions about how to tune and how I use today’s automotive test tools and performance aftermarket automotive parts in the quest to get vintage cars, muscle cars and street rods so they can perform like they should with the reformulated unleaded gasoline of today.

Knowing and working with Steve has allowed me to meet many of the leading engineers and the owners of the companies he works with or for; plus even if he does not work with a company, he could he would introduce me to the people that could best answer the questions I had.


Ole's Carburetor and Electric
San Bruno, California

I’ve known and done business with Steve Cole for more than two decades.  In my positions as Vice President of the National Hot Rod Association and Motorsports Manager for the SFI Foundation, I’ve had the opportunity to observe, admire and access Steve’s many journalistic and administrative skills.  His range of experience in the high performance automotive aftermarket is very extensive, and I’ve always appreciated Steve’s friendly and helpful demeanor and the superior quality of his work product.  I’m very proud to be able to consider Steve Cole not only a trusted industry associate, but also a close personal friend.


Motorsports Manager
SFI Foundation
Poway, California

As an editor for several different automotive enthusiast magazines over the last dozen years, I've had the opportunity to work with Steve Cole on several different occasions and for several different purposes.

Each and every experience was a positive one, with Steve always willing to go that extra mile, follow up consistently, and be proactive about making every project the best it could possibly be.

He is technically adept, prompt, and extremely personable, which are all the exact qualities one would choose when deciding who to work with on any important project.

I look forward to the next project we're able to work on together, as every other piece of work we've coordinated on has been a success.


Principal, Scott Parkhurst Incorporated
Acquisitions Editor, Cartech/ S-A Design Books
North Branch, Minnesota

I worked with Steve for a number of years, and would highly recommend him.  Along with being an outstanding writer, Steve has a strong understanding of and passion for our industry both in the mechanical and human aspect. 

He’s able to communicate technical data and information very easily to both the lay person and the most technically advanced.  His knowledge, drive, and industry connections will be an added bonus to any company that uses his services.


Field Engineer
Braswell Carburetion
Gainesville, Georgia

Over the years I worked with Steve at Flaming River, I was always impressed with his direct approach and genuine passion for his work.

As he has ventured into WRITEWords, he remains focused and determined to fill this much needed void within the automotive aftermarket industry. You always know where you stand with Steve and he stands behind what he says.


Motor Media Inc
Glendale, California

Steve has been building successful branding opportunities for companies that lead their industries. His marketing and sales experience has given him the ability to build programs that are innovative and creative. As a marketing professional he has the experience to know what works, the foresight to try new plans, and an understanding that the client comes first.  

He provides a clear path to build the business of his clients, on time and on budget. His ability to represent your company and create a culture for increased exposure for your brand is only part of this multitalented wordsmith’s capability.


Checkmate Boats
Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

Steve has been a pleasure to work with over the years. From his professionalism to endless knowledge, he has helped streamline the business we did together. I would recommend Steve to anyone that desires the upmost service and follow up.


North Huntington, Pennsylvania

In working with Steve during, and even after his tenure at Holley, I have found him to be a very enthusiastic and passionate communicator.


Director of Marketing,
Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Over the past years, Steve and I have worked on a number professional and personal projects.

He has always been THE "go-to" guy with creative ideas that have helped me through a number of situations that required his expertise....he's always come through.  Analytical, thorough, and a problem solver is his "claim to fame". He has been a tremendous representative of the industry we love...and he'll continue to do so.


Cumming, Georgia