Media Relations

WRITEWords has worked with a variety of media outlets over the years…print, Internet sites, television…to assure client messages about the overall company, its products or services and its employees reach their audiences. From news releases, to providing editorial content for magazines or e-zines, providing product placement for editorial technical projects, 30-plus years of WRITEWords experience can provide targeted marketing communications support which reinforces the client’s marketing direction.

Press ReleaseNews Releases

WRITEWords goes beyond the press release; utilizing personal follow up with the media to assure the message is received and understood.

WRITEWords works closely with the client to assure the message that is distributed is accurate and clearly defines the client’s intent. From the first draft to the final approved copy, the WRITEWords works shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients to place the right message in front of the market audience.

WRITEWords believes in targeted message delivery and to that end, maintains extensive databases of market-specific magazines and e-zines to assure minimal waste.

Internal Communication Collaterals

External communication of marketing goals is a critical factor to help energize the sales engine, but providing the same communication within the organization is as important.

Without information about the direction the marketing effort will take to employees (as well as other internal organizational information), the potential exists to have employees who are not well-versed the message, and to provide sometimes conflicting information to consumers.

WRITEWords can craft the content to place the right message in front of your employees and sales representatives. Whether in the traditional print form, as an e-mail newsletter or a PowerPoint presentation, or a combination, WRITEWords can make certain the content of the external marketing message and the internal understanding of that message complement each other…plus provide other important company news and information.

TrainingTraining – Sales and Technical

Training – for employees and the distribution system – is absolutely critical to assure the right product is recommended and that it stays sold.

WRITEWords has produced successful training programs for both sales and technical agendas, as well as for team building.

Without question, technical and sales training pays off in higher sales volume, lower returns and increased profits from greater sales dollars and lower costs of returns. Additionally, the same message is being relayed at each level of the sales pyramid about the company, the products, products features and benefits, and the right selection processes and installation procedures.

Proper training can resolve a number of other issues as well – addressing customer complaints, how to correctly address and carry out the company’s internal policies and procedures, understanding the company’s mission and values, and much more to build a team spirit within the company.   

Editorial Content

Need a feature article for a trade or consumer magazine? WRITEWords has over 30 years experience of creating readable, interesting and informative materials for publication.

Do you have a magazine or e-zine who wishes to do the story on your company or one of your products, but with downsized staffs neither has the resources to do it? WRITEWords can help. From a general informational story to a technical “how it works” piece, the experience and capabilities are here to deliver your message and yet meet the publication’s requirements.

MustangEditorial Product Placement

Product placement for editorial project vehicles or technical stories is a great way for readers to gain valuable information about a product…how it installs and how it works, from an independent viewpoint.

In his position as marketing communications manager for several leading manufacturers, Steve Cole has developed the necessary tools to manage and track an effective product placement program.

Product placement provides a boost to advertising and marketing communications programs, with a subliminal third party endorsement of the product and company.

Automotive PhotographyPhotography

Across the years, Steve Cole has developed the photographic skills required to deliver quality, user friendly images of products for catalog and editiorial use, including websites. Trained in old-school manual photography, his skills allow him to understand the use of techniques to portray the subject in the best light.

In his years editing motorsports publications, he has developed a sense for quick image compostion, and to match the camera's settings to meet the needs of the moment.

Other marketing collaterals

WRITEWords can provide copywriting services to meet your other marketing needs, such as point-of-sale materials, promotional brochures, catalog content (or editing), website editorial content, advertising copy, scripting, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: WRITEWords does not provide graphic services nor contract for production services. However, WRITEWords will work with the client’s graphic designer’s layout and build needed content to fit the design.