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Drag Racer

Project 1320PROJECT 1320 is a documentary film series about the birth and growth of drag racing from the late 1940s to the end of the decade of the 1980s.

Produced by the Quarter Mile Entertainment Foundation, PROJECT 1320 will use the first person narratives to describe the birth and growth of the sport across those decades, as well as to define how the performance parts aftermarket grew out of the drag racing market.

WRITEWords has been directly involved with the PROJECT 1320 undertaking from the inception in early 2009, providing marketing materials and direction.

As time passes, the legends and the heroes of the sport and the founding fathers of the aftermarket industry are being lost. The voices and faces of those who were risking their lives and financial well-being are being taken from us, and their intimate stories lost forever.

Quarter Mile EntertainmentIf the passion for drag racing and the automotive enthusiast hobby is a big part of your life, please consider supporting the Quarter Mile Entertainment Foundation and PROJECT 1320. There are financial support programs for companies large and small, as well as the “Friends of PROJECT 1320” for individuals.

To learn more about this important industry program, go to www.project1320.com .