About WRITEWords

WRITEWords provides clients with marketing communications services which are an alternative to full-time staffing to produce marketing support materials.

In today’s marketplace, which requires working smarter and with greater cost efficiencies, this allows companies to keep their marketing focus sharp, while reducing the overhead.

OverviewWRITEWords targets the business that requires assistance with the production of sales/marketing, image collateral materials, advertising copy, news releases, website content, editorial materials, technical and sales training materials, photography, editorial product placement and related areas.

Steve Cole, the owner of WRITEWords, has over 30 years of hands-on experience in these areas, working with and for smaller emerging companies as well as well-established firms. Working with the client, he can produce the words and images to tell the client’s “story”, build the image and sell the product. Additionally, his years of experience as an editor provides him with the insight to get the client’s message to magazines and e-zines in a nearly turnkey form, which often assures it will be used.

Additionally, WRITEWords provides consultation services to provide an integrated approach to the marketing image and to best position the product(s) in the market.

Smart marketing…meeting today’s challenge for tomorrow’s gain

Today’s economic challenges do not mean a business needs to give up active pursuit of market share. Competitors may turn down their marketing efforts, but that doesn’t mean you must follow the path of others.

WRITEWords offers its communications and consulting services from a detached perspective. We can review a company and its products, its market and suggest cost-effective strategies to maintain…and grow…the market position.

When a company stays “in the game,” when the market recovers, it is in a stronger competitive position than the competitors that chose to reduce or eliminate their marketing efforts.